Gooseneck Lake is located in the Municipality of Whitestone northeast of Parry Sound near the village of Ardbeg. It is a part of the Magnetawan River System. Water at the northeast end of the lake flows into the southern end of Wawashkesh Lake. The Magnetawan River flows through the top end of Wawashkesh and then carries on westward to Georgian Bay south of the French River.

Gooseneck Lake and the surrounding area including Ardbeg had much notoriety just after the turn of the twentieth century as a center for logging and milling of lumber. At the height of this economic “boom” in the late 1920’s there were as many as three sawmills on Gooseneck Lake with a population of around a thousand residents. There was a thriving railway station as well as stores and a school. Once the timber was all cut and at least two major forest fires swept thorough the area, the population level and the economy fell dramatically. Like many Ontario lakes and regions, Gooseneck Lake and area has become more dependent on tourism including the construction and maintenance of cottages, hunting and fishing.

Gooseneck Lake came by its name honestly. Any aerial map or photograph of the lake depicts the head, neck and body of a goose (using a little imagination of course). The water quality of the lake is still fairly good, thanks to new and appropriate environmental standards for septic systems. The number of cottages on Gooseneck has grown through the years, with the majority being built on the south side of the lake. Fortunately there is a fair bit of crown land on the north side of the lake which only adds to its natural charm and beauty. Overdevelopment on Gooseneck is a major concern for cottagers and full time residents and will be an issue going forward.

gooseneck lake map