Gooseneck Lake Property Owners Association

Mission Statement

Gooseneck Lake Property Owners Association (GLPOA) is an association that works to protect, preserve and enhance the natural and social environment of Gooseneck Lake and its surroundings for current and future generations.


Important Announcements / News

- Municipality of Whitestone’s Landfill Site Schedule - Click Here for Hours and Schedule

Important Dates

- 2nd weekend in August, 2023 - Saturday August 12, 2023. Ardbeg Community Centre. 10:00 am. BBQ/Social to follow

Recent Newsletters

Fall eNewsletter - 2021

Constitution and Bylaws

GLPOA Constitution and Bylaws Aug. 2022

GLPOA Constitution and Bylaws 2019

Other important Readings / Articles

- Lake Draft Report 2021 (discussed at our August 2021 annual meeting)!

Whitestone Municipality


Lake Map (PDF)

Lake Topo Map , Watersheds Canada August 2022 newsletter